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How should i connect to android app? should i use domain for the android app and mobile version? can you help me. need some information how can i set it up.



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2016-04-12   #1

You should bind multiple sub domains to your host, and enable them in dashboard.

2016-04-12   #2

yes it work but when ill try to open the app Network error.

2016-04-13   #3

回复#2 @kirael :

What is your API domain name?

2016-04-13   #4 .

public static final String BASIC_API_URL = "" + WEBSITE_PATH;

2016-04-14   #5

回复#4 @kirael :

Do you resolve and bind the domain name to your host?

2016-04-14   #6

回复#4 @kirael :

I saw a apperent error in your code, you had double 'a' in your domin 


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